Tiled Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning. It’s one of those things you don’t want to do or have to pay for. But as a home owner it’s just another one of those things that comes with owning a home. Not cleaning and maintaining your tiled roof will end up costing you thousands of dollars in the long run if regular cleaning isn’t completed.

When we say regular it depends on an annual inspection of your roof. Every roof is different some are in more shade than others, which assists in mould and lichen growth, others have big trees that drop leaf litter and moisture, this also assists growth for mould and lichen. As soon as you begin to see your tiles change to a black in colour that is the beginning of organic growth. If allowed to continue to grow you will begin to see lichen take hold. Lichen is a combination of an algae and a fungus. It can be found growing on roofs, pavers, rock walls etc.

Heavy lichen growth and leaf litter

Mr Blastit has the equipment and know how to not only clean your roof, to minimise water getting in to your roof, we can seal your roof tiles with a water based, eco friendly non film forming water repellent sealer which lasts 10 years.

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Professionally high pressure cleaned with minimal water into the roof cavity. If left for much longer the roof tiles will become extremely brittle and break and crack leaving the home owner with leaks.