Vacuum Recovery Pressure Cleaning

What is Vacuum Recovery Pressure Cleaning? Vacuum Recovery Pressure Cleaning is a cleaning process that collects wastes materials as they are being produced. Equipment includes a modified floor cleaner coupled to an industrial vacuum cleaner. Waste water can then be reused or pumped to a suitable discharge location. This method of cleaning has a number[…]

Driveway Cleaning and Sealing

Your driveway is one of the first things people see when they come to your house and as such it often helps formulate people’s first impressions of you. What is your driveway saying about you? Mr Blastit’s driveway cleaning service also includes the removal of ugly stains and sealing it with a quality sealer. Driveway Cleaning[…]

Liquid Limestone

Caring  for your Liquid Limestone Liquid limestone is a very popular pavement option in Western Australia. It is made by mixing cement with crushed limestone. It provides a nice stable flooring that is cool underfoot. It has a natural character that is hard to replicate with concrete while still possessing many of the advantages of[…]

Dealing with Graffiti

Graffiti needs to be dealt with! Graffiti costs WA property owners, businesses and rate payers approximately $30 million dollars each year in direct removal and prevention costs. However, the true cost of Graffiti is much higher. There are a number of indirect costs such as reduced property values, environmental damage and a perceived lack of security[…]

Water Based Sealer vs Solvent Based Sealer

Water Based Sealer vs Solvent Based Sealer What is a solvent? In chemical terms a solvent is defined as ‘a substance in which a solute is dissolved to form a solution’. The most common and abundant solvent on the earth is actually water. Seawater is a solution; its solvent is water and its solute is the[…]

What sealer should I use?

 What sealer should I use? Knowing what pavement sealing option to choose can be mind boggling and the most common question we get asked is “what is the best pavement sealing option for me?” There are many different brands, as well as many different types.  Factors such as the material your pavement is mainly comprised[…]

Mr Blastit’s Top 8 Tips for Pool Resurfacing

8 Top Tips for Swimming Pool Resurfacing A swimming pool is exposed to a whole lot of stuff that prematurely ages even the most durable materials. Pool chemicals, salts, sunlight, UV, bacteria, algae and mechanical wear on walking surfaces and from creepy crawlies all take their toll. No pool surface is immune to degradation and[…]

To Seal or Not to Seal? … That is the Question!

The sealing of new paving, concrete, or feature stone is the final step in many landscaping projects. Often by this stage the budget has been stretched to include unforeseen expenses, like drainage or difficult site works; or additional inclusions, such as a stone feature wall or decorative paving borders. In such instances there is a[…]