Concrete, Driveway, Paving & Other Surface Sealing in Perth


Mr Blastit provides a professional sealing service for both residential & commercial premises throughout the Perth metro area. Using top quality products we seal concrete, driveways, paving, liquid limestone, feature stone work and waterproof all types of building materials and structures applying the sealer with our utmost care and skill to give you the best possible finish.

We primarily use a water based industrial strength sealer which uses advanced nano-technology, allowing the sealer to be applied the same day as the pressure cleaning gets done, thereby minimising the downtime and disruption to you.

We seal your:

exposed-aggregate-driveway-sealing-perth☑ Exposed Aggregate     ☑ Limestone Pavement

☑ Liquid Limestone   ☑ Concrete     ☑ Travertine

☑  Clay & Brick Pavement    ☑ Granite Pavers     

☑ Feature Limestone    ☑ Sandstone      ☑ Retaining Walls  

☑ Driveway    ☑ Pathways     ☑ Alfresco

☑ Swimming Pool Surround  ☑ Concrete Tilt Panels  

☑ Waterproofing     ☑ Pond   ☑ Loading Dock Area    

 ☑ Commercial Property    ☑ Rental Property

☑ Factory Floor   ☑ Workshop    ☑ Cellar & Basement  

 ☑ Water Feature     ☑ Anti-graffiti Sealer

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Manufactured surfaces like concrete, liquid limestone, paving, tiles or roof materials age and deteriorate over time. The end result is diminished property value, an unhealthy appearance and, quite possibly, personal hazards in the form of cracked, slippery or otherwise unsafe surfaces or serious water penetration into working or living quarters. Surface sealing extends the durability, longevity and appearance of different structures. For information on why you should seal your pavement click here.  If you like to know which sealer is the best option for you click here. 

Types of sealers we use:

  • Water based sealers suitable for all general outdoor areas.
  • Penetrating Sealers (water based & solvent based) recommended for around swimming pools and wherever you like the surface to not be slippery when wet.
  • Wet Look Sealers (solvent based) bring out the best in Exposed Aggregate and Granite pavement.   Great for driveways as durable for the hot rubber of car tyres.
  • Limestone/Sandstone Sealer for feature limestone and sandstone columns and walls.  (Not suitable for limestone pavement.)
  • Tinted Sealers (solvent based) are great to spruce up old, tired looking pavers and give your outdoor area a new lease of life.

The need for a High Quality Paving Sealer

pool-surroundBrick, stone, concrete, limestone or aggregate paved areas will deteriorate over time. Exposure to the elements can cause fading and premature erosion. Water logged paving is susceptible to attack by mold and mildew and efflorescence may form as salts are drawn to the surface as the pavement dries. Many materials used for paving are quite friable or brittle and may begin to crumble with ongoing expansion and contraction and/or from ongoing wear and tear.

Fortunately, the correct application of a suitable sealer can help to minimize some if not all of these common ailments. To correctly select the best sealer for your area you must take into consideration the material to be sealed, where it is located, what it is used for and how you would like the sealed surface to look. A correctly selected and applied paving sealer improves durability and the appearance of a paved area.

Mr Blastit can provide you with expert advice, top quality products and professional application of paving and limestone sealer.

Why does Pavement need Sealing?

One of the major causes of concrete failure is water ingress. Water entering the concrete matrix can lead to corrosion of reinforcing bars which leads to severe cracking. Water entering the concrete can bring with it numerous salts, microbes and dissolved gases which not only create stains but can lead to a number of more complex concrete failure mechanisms.

A good quality concrete sealer prevents water penetration. It also prevents dirt, grit, salt, chemicals, mould, mildew, stains and other undesirable organisms from penetrating or covering the surface.  A properly applied concrete sealer will improve durability, enhance appearance, and prevent oxidation from by sunshine that causes the top surface to chip and flake.

Sealing is a complex compromise between aesthetics, performance and price. Each type of sealer comes with its own characteristics, advantages and cost.

Mark our director is an expert in this field, through years of experience, he is ready to give you the best professional advice and service for concrete sealing in Perth. Contact us to save you time, worry and cost and take advantage of our expert knowledge of concrete and paving sealers.

Does your pavement need cleaning and sealing? We offer same day paver cleaning and sealing in Perth.

Protect your building with Waterproofing

Damage to roof tiles, window or entrance awnings can cause major problems, ranging from annoying water leakage to interior flooding. Structures built with bricks, masonry, concrete, mortar, and other porous building materials will require waterproofing in areas of high exposure to moisture to prevent water ingress and transport through the materials.

Different sealers and membranes are used depending on purpose, functionality and the type of material to be sealed. Mr Blastit has the expertise to give qualified advice and service for any requirement, including concrete and masonry waterproofing.

You can trust that the waterproofing services provided by Mr Blastit will be the best solution for you and provide many years of maintenance free performance.

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