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sealMr Blastit provides a professional outdoor cleaning service to all residential, commercial and industrial clients. If you need something pressure cleaned, pavement sealed, or stains & graffiti removed and at the same time want a professional job done at an affordable price, Mr Blastit is the guy to call. Located north of the River, we service all suburbs in the Perth metropolitan area.

Mr Blastit is happy to help you out with whatever queries you may have so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  Our services include:

Same Day Pressure Cleaning and Sealing

You can restore and protect your outdoor surfaces with our fast and reliable high pressure cleaning and sealing service.

Whether you want to preserve your property value or prepare your home for sale, you can avoid delays and hassles with our same-day service.

We have years of experience in treating residential and commercial properties across Perth, Western Australia. We are a family-owned and operated business with full insurance, and we will care for your property as if it were our own.

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High Pressure Cleaning Service

Mr Blastit is committed to protecting the environment. We remove the bulk of the dirt & grime around your home or business with only high pressure water. However, where there are stubborn stains we will use an appropriate, environmentally friendly stain removal treatment on the affected area only.  With our vacuum recovery system we remove the dirt and excess water as we go, so your pavement is cleaned with minimal mess & fuss!

high pressure cleaning - before and after - pt kennedy☑ Residential Cleaning    ☑ Commercial Cleaning    ☑ Restaurants   

☑ Concrete Cleaning     ☑ Driveway & Pavement Cleaning

☑ Roof Cleaning  ☑ Parks/Playgrounds    ☑ Building Washdowns    

☑ Grime, Mould & Stain Removal     ☑ Schools & Daycare Centres

Find out more about our High Pressure Cleaning service

Sealing Service

20160329_105122A sealer protects the pavement just like scotch guard protects your carpet or couches.  Mr Blastit uses top quality sealing products that leverage new technology to give you the best value.  Mr Blastit applies an environmentally friendly sealer on the same day as the pavement is cleaned, saving time and money! More importantly, sealing straight after cleaning removes a window of risk where the pavement can get dirty again.

☑ Driveway Sealing     ☑ Concrete Sealing      ☑ Alfresco Sealing   

☑ Pathway Sealing   ☑ Retaining Wall Sealing      ☑ Pavement Sealing   ☑ Swimming Pool Surround Sealing     

☑ Commercial Property Sealing    ☑ Granite    ☑ Exposed Aggregate   ☑ Liquid Limestone   ☑ Travertine 

 Find out more about our Sealing Service

Stain Treatment & Removal Service

Limestone Wall CleaningMany stains just sit on the surface and can be removed by high pressure cleaning alone.  However, many types of stains require specialised chemical treatments to safely and efficiently remove all of the staining. To select the right products you need to know what you are doing. Get it wrong and you can easily make it worse, or cause damage to either your property or the environment.  With years of experience under his belt there isn’t much that surprises Mark.

☑ Bore Stains
     ☑ Rust & Iron Stains     ☑ Oil Stain Treatment

☑ Vanadium Stains     ☑ Efflorescence    ☑ Smoke & Fire Damage

☑  Paint      ☑ Mould & Moss      ☑ Tannin Stains       

☑ Crayon & Permanent Marker   ☑ Fertilizer Stains

Find out more about our Stain Removal Service

Graffiti Removal & Management Service

Graffiti is unsightly and it negatively affects the value of a property, or even a whole suburb!  Further it costs Perth’s property owners millions of dollars each year to manage. Graffiti “artists” want their work to be seen. Quick removal ensures offenders look elsewhere or their next “canvas”. Not only do we remove graffiti from a wide variety of surfaces, we also provide a graffiti management service. This service includes application of new-technology anti-graffiti coatings (which doesn’t go cloudy over time!) as well as regular monitoring and fast remedial action to keep graffiti off your properties.

graffiti brick building☑ Graffiti Removal     ☑ Paint Stain Removal    

☑ Permanent Marker Removal    ☑  Brick Surfaces

☑ Sensitive Surface Graffiti Removal    ☑ Crayon Removal     

☑ Anti-Graffiti Sealer   ☑ Graffiti Monitoring System 

Find out more about our Graffiti Removal Service… 

and our Anti-Graffiti Sealer & Graffiti Management Service

If you need it cleaned, sealed or removed, we’ve got it covered!  

If you have a query or would like to book in a job, call us on 0419 350 332 or send us an email