Paver Cleaning and Sealing in Perth

We offer an eco-friendly, same-day pavement cleaning and sealing service across the Perth Metro area. Are your outdoor pavers in dire need of some TLC? We can help. 

Before and after: Blast away years of dirt and grime with our high-pressure paver cleaning and sealing service.

Pavers are used throughout residential properties, from patios and pathways to pool areas, driveways, gardens, and backyard spaces. They play a key functional role and help set the tone for your entire home.  

If you love entertaining friends and family outdoors and want your home to look its very best for years to come, cleaning and sealing your pavers regularly is essential. 

At Mr Blastit, we can clean and seal your pavers to make them look brand new. We remove dirt and debris, get rid of ugly stains, and use quality sealants to ensure a consistently excellent finish. 

Paving Cleaning Services

Dirty and stained paving is unsightly, and unsafe. It can become dangerously slippery, harbouring mould and other unwanted clingers-on in addition to dirt. Allowing this to build up makes your home or space look less attractive, which can affect the overall value of your property.  

Pressure washing and sealing services also prolong the life of your pavers. All pavers are porous to some degree, especially natural stone products. Keeping pavers clean and sealed can help avoid flaking, fading, or staining; all of which may result in having to replace your pavers sooner than planned.  

This is why regular pressure cleaning and sealing is an essential part of home maintenance – you can’t afford not to! See our before and after photos of paver cleaning and sealing services for some brilliant examples of pavers brought back to life. 

Our high-pressure cleaning process gets rid of moss and lichen, weeds and grasses, oil and rust stains, water stains, and so much more.  

We clean pavers with advanced equipment to make them tidy and keep them looking like new. With professional high-pressure cleaning gear, heavy-duty detergents, and old-fashioned elbow grease, we can return your home to its former glory.  

We offer solutions to clean and seal both natural stone pavers, and man-made pavers, including: 

Concrete Pavers


A client’s tired-looking concrete pavers, made dull and dark by dirty build-up.


Those same concrete pavers now look as good as new following a high-pressure clean.

Concrete pavers are typically chosen for their versatility and durability, especially in harsh climates like WA. They’re budget-friendly for most projects and come in almost any configuration and colour you could want.

While they are more damage resistant than many natural stone formats, concrete is still porous and susceptible to staining. Professionally sealing concrete pavers can help avoid this, as it will prevent stains penetrating the material.

Concrete pavers require regular maintenance, including high-pressure cleaning, to keep them looking great year after year.

Natural Stone Pavers

Natural stone pavers look amazing, but they require maintenance to stay that way.

Regular sweeping can help avoid staining from leaves and other garden debris, but dirt and grime will eventually build up regardless. Periodic high-pressure washing and sealing will keep the natural patina looking as intended.

Professional high-pressure cleaning can get rid of build up on outdoor pavers, and even pull dirt out of porous areas. Cleaning and sealing natural stone pavers will also remove moss and mould growth, keeping the pavers looking beautiful in your outdoor living space.

Granite Pavers

Before and after photo: Granite pavers treated with a penetrating, colour enhancing solvent sealer to achieve a ‘wet look’.

These pavers are popular for pool surrounds as well as regular garden, patio, or entertainment areas outside the home, and are generally considered low maintenance and durable.

Cleaning and sealing granite pavers on a regular schedule is essential to protect the investment you’ve made when choosing this type of paving. Get rid of grimy layers, any growths from grass, lichen or worse, and general dirt for safe and clean pavers.

Professional sealing will also help prevent future staining and other wear and tear damage from being out in the open, under the harsh Australian conditions.

Clay Pavers

Clay pavers are very popular as they’re relatively affordable and very long-lasting. Often considered the original block pavers, they are durable against weather and retain their colour over time.

Clay brick pavers are ideal for paving outdoor spaces due to their longevity and durability. Regular pressure cleaning is needed to protect against set-in dirt and stains. Proper maintenance and sealing of clay pavers will extend their lifespan while keeping them clean and tidy for your enjoyment.

Limestone Pavers


Before photo: A client’s limestone paved patio area prior to cleaning.


After photo: The same client’s limestone pavers cleaned, sealed, and brought back to life by Mr Blastit.

Limestone pavers are much loved for their durability and naturally cool feel underfoot – which is always appreciated during our scorching Perth summers. These pavers, often made from liquid limestone, can be very beautiful and are perfect for creating a natural looking al fresco experience, without the organic shape of natural stone.

While they are relatively low maintenance due to their durability, limestone pavers need regular pressure cleaning to remove stubborn grime and environmental deposits. Professional pressure cleaning services can also remove staining, which limestone is susceptible to, along with any moss or slimy algae in shaded areas.

Marble pavers

A before and after photo of a client’s marble pavers treated with a penetrating, colour enhancing ‘wet look’ solvent sealant

Formed naturally from limestone, marble pavers are dense, durable, and luxurious. Many choose marble slab pavers for their unique style and elevated appearance. These are relatively low maintenance as a paver option, though they will accrue dirt all the same from wear and weathering in outdoor settings.

Marble paving cleaning and sealing is as much about the aesthetic as it is safety. As marble is a smooth, polished surface, these can easily become slippery. Marble paving needs regular high-pressure cleaning when installed outdoors to avoid slip-and-falls from grime buildup.

Sealing marble pavers is also recommended as it can increase durability and will help prevent staining or other contaminants from penetrating the stone surface. This means you can enjoy the unique look of your marble pavers as they should be, for longer.

Travertine pavers


A client’s travertine pavers before being professionally cleaned and sealed.


The same travertine paved area, showing the stark difference professional cleaning and sealing can make to your property.

Travertine pavers also come from limestone and have been in use since Roman times. They are cut from natural stone blocks which allows beautiful variations in tone. Travertine stays cooler underfoot in hot climates than granite or cement does, making it perfect for Perth paver projects.

Without proper maintenance and care, this gorgeous but porous limestone can get grubby fast.

Mould, dirt, and grime easily develop on travertine pavers because of the natural variation in texture. Regular pressure cleaning and sealing is needed to keep them fresh and free of unwanted muck.  

In between pressure washes, you can give them a gentle sweep with a bristle broom to stretch out the just-cleaned look.

Brick pavers

These pavers are moulded from a natural clay blend. They are a great hard-wearing paver for driveways or high use back yard set ups and can generally handle most weather conditions long-term.

Brick pavers are an affordable and versatile solution for outdoor living or entertaining spaces; like household bricks, they need regular pressure cleaning to stay in their best condition.

High pressure cleaning at periodic intervals also gives you better visibility on the condition of your pavers, so you can stay across any potential structural issues before they become a hazard.

Professional Paver Sealing Services

These beautiful travertine pavers look like new after a clean and seal.

No matter what they’re made of, all residential pavers need maintenance to keep them safe and fresh. Along with ongoing cleaning, professional sealing is needed to protect pavers from the elements.

Whether you have concrete pavers, natural stone pavers, or exposed aggregate, the sealing process helps to complete the cleaning process and extend the newly revived condition of your paved project.

When paving is sealed properly and protected from the environment, your outdoor entertaining and living areas can feel brand new. Many clients don’t fully realise the extent of the grime on their property until it gets blasted away and they are left with beautiful, pristine pavers.

Mr Blastit cleans and seal natural stone pavers and more to keep your space looking the way it should.

Our Same-Day Paver Sealing Process

Applying a paver sealer keeps your space looking fresh year after year. We have access to various high-grade sealers, and we select products and application methods carefully based on materials. Most of our sealants are water-based, and we only use hard-wearing products designed for Australian conditions.

We combine extensive experience with advanced equipment and local knowledge to make your home look its best. We will remove grime, get rid of stubborn stains, and seal your pavers for ultimate environmental protection.

The benefits of pavement cleaning and sealing

Before and after photos of cleaned and sealed bluestone pavers, treated with the popular ‘wet look’ colour penetrating solvent sealer.

Cleaning your paving on a regular basis offers a range of practical and aesthetic benefits.

If you want to maintain the beauty of your home and avoid unwanted build up over time, Mr Blastit has the solution.

Cleaning and sealing your paving offers multiple benefits including:

  • Preventing moss, algae, and lichen
  • Limiting growth of weeds and grasses
  • Removing dirt and grime
  • Eliminating unsightly staining, including barbecue fats or spatter
  • Detering insects and pests
  • Keeping your home looking great
  • Protecting the value of your property

We will clean and seal your pavers to make them look new again.

The Mr Blastit Difference

We offer an efficient 2-step cleaning and sealing process for all paved areas:

  1. High-pressure cleaning with an advanced 4000+ PSI washer. This will remove years of built-up dirt and grime to rejuvenate your outdoor surfaces. Additionally, we use suitable paver cleaning solutions to remove any stubborn staining.
  2. Eco-friendly sealing with a high-quality water-based sealant for long-lasting protection. Our top-grade sealant is tough, penetrating, and eco-friendly without harsh chemicals. 

The Mr Blastit team is well-trained, highly experienced, and always friendly with a positive attitude. Our family-owned, fully insured business services residential and commercial properties across Perth, WA.

We’ll care for your property like it’s our own to deliver outstanding results that exceed your expectations. No job is too big or too small!

For more information, please contact our friendly team for a free quote today.