Limestone Pressure Cleaning and Sealing Perth

Are you tired of looking at your property’s dull, stained limestone surfaces? High pressure cleaning the mould, mildew, and dirt off that has found its way into the pores of your poured limestone, your limestone retaining walls and pavers will bring them back like new.

Sealing your limestone will protect your investment and add resale value, too.

Our same-day environmentally friendly limestone cleaning and sealing service is designed to rejuvenate and safeguard your outdoor surfaces with minimal downtime and disruption to your day.

A before and after photo of limestone pool pavers following a pressure cleaning and sealing service
A before and after photo of limestone pavers around a pool following our pressure cleaning and sealing service.

Why does limestone need cleaning and sealing?

While limestone is aesthetically pleasing to look at and cool under foot, it can be susceptible to staining and surface wear and tear if not properly cared for. Cleaning and sealing your limestone is well-worth the investment.

Limestone is a sedimentary rock formed from the remains of ancient marine organisms such as coral and shells (skeletal fragments). Liquid limestone is a popular choice for outdoor surfaces in Perth, like patios, pool surroundings, and pathways, because it’s cool under foot, natural-looking, and easy to work with..

Same day service for your convenience

Your time is valuable. We offer same-day high-pressure cleaning and sealing for limestone surfaces that minimise disruption without compromising results.

We use hot or cold water and we set our 4000+ PSI high-pressure cleaner (with vacuum water recovery attached) to between 3000-3500 PSI (surface dependent) to blast away years of built-up dirt and grime. Stubborn stains are no match for our team. We leverage high-quality, environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals and treatments to get the job done.

Once the surface is clean, we apply an industrial-strength, water-based sealant that same day. You don’t have to wait weeks to enjoy your beautiful, protected limestone surfaces.

We only use environmental-friendly cleaning and sealing products

Like you, we care about the environment and use only water based and eco-friendly cleaning and sealing products.

Water based sealers that are breathable (allowing any water that is trapped to escape the surface as water vapour) are highly recommended for limestone due to the porosity of limestone based products. Thus our water-based penetrating sealer is our best seller—and for a good reason. It impregnates into the surface of your limestone, giving it years of protection. It’s also resistant to hot tyre marks, safeguards against harsh chemicals, and is ideal for limestone surfaces.

Better yet, it’s Australian-made and sourced from a local distributor right here in Perth.

Limestone pool pavers part way through a pressure cleaning and sealing service.
You can see the difference pressure cleaning and sealing makes to these limestone pool pavers

Why choose Mr Blastit for your limestone cleaning and sealing needs?

Our high-quality sealant not only preserves the beauty of your limestone surfaces but also secures it against future damage caused by natural elements, foot traffic, and other environmental factors.

Our team’s friendly and positive attitude is backed by years of experience treating residential and commercial properties across Perth, Western Australia. We are a fully insured, family-owned and operated business, and we’ll treat your property like it’s our own.

Our technicians are highly skilled and trained to handle all limestone surfaces. We use only the best cutting-edge equipment and techniques to thoroughly clean and seal your limestone surfaces.

Our innovative two-step clean and seal process

We’ve developed a fast, two-step process that is efficient, effective, and tailored to your specific needs.

Step 1: High-pressure cleaning

We use a 4000+ PSI high-pressure cleaner that is set to the correct pressure to suit your surface to clean years of build-up. Whether it’s hot or cold water, our environmentally friendly pressure cleaning process and suitable cleaning chemicals will rejuvenate your outdoor surfaces and make them look beautiful.

Step 2: Eco-friendly sealing

After we’ve finished cleaning the surface, we meticulously apply a high-quality, water-based sealant for long-lasting protection. Our top-selling sealant is water-based and penetrates quickly into the surface. It can be used on the same day as the pressure cleaning, is eco-friendly, and is tough enough to stand up against serious wear and tear.

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