High Pressure Cleaning Hot or Cold

Clay Paver High Pressure Cleaning Perth

Mr Blastit provides a professional and environmentally friendly high pressure cleaning service to all suburbs in the Perth metropolitan area.  Using a 4000+psi high pressure cleaner, utilising hot water, with a vacuum system attached, Mr Blastit will get your pavement and other outdoor surfaces looking fresh and clean with minimal mess and fuss.  We are environmentally friendly, using only water, whether it is cold or hot depending on how dirty the surface is to do our cleaning the majority of the time.  Only when stubborn stains cannot be removed using water and high pressure alone will Mr Blastit use a suitable, environmentally friendly treatment.

We regularly clean (and seal):

☑ Pavement   ☑ Driveways  ☑ Pathways   ☑ House & Building Washdowns   ☑ Alfrescos  ☑ Acid Wash

☑ Shop Entrances/Docking Bays ☑  Roofs   ☑ Patios   ☑ Solar Panels  ☑ Swimming Pool Surrounds

☑ Retaining Walls   ☑ Carparks   ☑ Sporting Clubhouses  ☑ Commercial Properties  ☑ Concrete Tilt Panels

☑ Schools   ☑ Day Care Centres  ☑ New & old paved surfaces   ☑ Rental Properties   ☑ Property Vacating

☑ Tennis Courts   ☑ Train Stations   ☑ Parks & Playgrounds   ☑ BBQ areas   ☑  Water Features

After your pavement has been cleaned it is a good idea to get it sealed with a good quality, environmentally friendly sealer to ensure it stays looking good and stain free.  Mr Blastit offers a range of sealing options.  If you're wondering why you should seal your pavers read this advice from Mr Blastit here.

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Residential Pressure Cleaning:

Mr Blastit specialises in pressure cleaning residential properties.  We understand that you don't want your garden ruined or a mess left after your pavement has been cleaned and so we ensure all jobs are carried out with the utmost care and attention.  We will vacuum any excess water that doesn't drain away and will washdown surrounding areas that became dirty as a result of our pressure cleaning, leaving you happy that you engaged the services of a professional pressure cleaner.

Mr Blastit regularly:

  • Removes dirt, grit and mould from pavement, walls and garden paths
  • Wash downs of houses and sheds
  • Removes dirt and treats stains on brick or limestone pavers
  • Treats stain and grime buildup from painted garage floors
  • Strips peeling paint from concrete
  • Cleans water features & pond surrounds
  • Removes dirt and treats stains on liquid limestone, exposed aggregate and concrete driveways
  • Effectively cleans roof tiles, other roof surfaces, and eaves
  • Treats bore stains
  • Cleans and restores and paved surroundings

Commercial and Industrial Pressure Cleaning:

Mr Blastit has grown to also specialise in pressure cleaning commercial and industrial areas. Utilising hot water this assists in combating in breaking down dirt, grime, tyre marks, oil and grease that generally are spilt or that have built up over time. Hot water in conjunction with eco friendly chemicals can bring back to life your commercial warehouse or industrial area.

  • All services as listed for residential
  • Workshop floor cleaning, wash downs, degreasing and resurfacing
  • Heavy vehicle cleaning and degreasing
  • Wash down of loading docks and shop facades
  • Tilt panel bond breaker removal
  • Descaling and mechanical cleaning of process equipment
  • Cleaning of parks, public buildings, equipment and amenities

Water Feature high pressure cleaning perthWhat is “Pressure Cleaning”?

Also referred to as pressure washing, jet washing or water blasting, high pressure cleaning is the use of high pressure water,  to physically remove contaminants from surfaces. Domestic pressure cleaners and most petrol commercial pressure cleaners are only able to utilise cold water.  Mr Blastit has the ability through use of a diesel burner to heat the water to allow for a deeper and longer lasting clean.

Mr Blastit has the qualifications and experience to apply the right combination of equipment and chemicals to achieve the best end result.  We have a range of pressure cleaning units to deliver the correct flow rates, temperatures and pressures required to deliver the best possible cleaning outcomes. We also have a range of pressure cleaning accessories to allow fast, efficient and uniform cleaning of surfaces whether big or small, short or tall. Our operators have the experience and qualifications to know what systems to use in which situations to deliver the most efficient and thorough clean without any damage to the cleaning surfaces or surrounding areas.

In many instances the mechanical action of the pressurized water by itself is not an effective means of removing all contaminants, particularly when the surface itself is highly susceptible to damage. In such instances the use of specific cleaning agents is required to achieve the desired results. Some of the chemicals that may be used include:

  • Acid based cleaners for removal of mineral salts, cement and scale
  • Degreasers for treatment of oil and grease stains
  • Disinfectants and surfactants for mold, mildew and algae removal
  • Detergents for general cleaning and to enhance other treatments
  • Strippers for removal of paint, sealers and deck oils.

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Despite your best efforts, dirt, grit and stains will, over time, accumulate on man-made surfaces and diminish the feeling of accomplishment and pride you enjoyed when these areas were new.

Let Mr Blastit give you back that new feeling!  With state of the art equipment, quality cleaning chemicals and people who know how to use them we will have it cleaned up in no time.

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