Why Choose Us?

We make high pressure cleaning and sealing easy

Remember how nice your property looked before grime and dirt started to build up? Mr Blastit can help you get that fresh, new feeling back with a range of services to clean and protect your outdoor areas. 

We’re not the only power washing company in Perth, so why should you choose us? 

Our team has the know-how to navigate any setup or situation. We get the job done right the first time, every time. 

We make it easy for you to keep your pool tiles, patios, and other outdoor surfaces beautifully clean and safe. 

There are a lot of other operators out there… but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a match for the quality workmanship of Mr Blastit’s same-day cleaning and sealing services.

Before and after high pressure cleaning and sealing services, courtesy of Mr Blastit

Hot water pressure cleaning

It sounds simple, but hot water pressure washing can do an amazing job to bring your commercial, industrial, or residential property back to life. Pressure cleaning with hot water is an efficient way to physically remove contaminants like dirt, mould, or moss. 

The problem is that domestic pressure cleaners and most commercial cleaners are only able to utilise cold or warm water. This means operators using these more common systems will not be able to provide the most thorough level of manual cleaning. 

Mr Blastit uses a diesel system to supply hot water where needed, allowing for a deeper, longer lasting clean, alongside industry leading non-toxic cleaning chemicals as needed. 

Vacuum recovery system

No need to clean up after the high-pressure cleaning! Mr Blastit uses a vacuum recovery system when cleaning outdoor surfaces for less mess and a better finish. 

Regular pressure cleaning can create a lot of mucky water, often just shifting dirt around rather than removing it. Depending on the slope of the property and the drainage available, this can hang around and pool in areas you’d rather it didn’t. 

Even if there is sufficient drainage through a good stormwater system, do you really want all the gunk and debris that just got blasted off your pavers going down it? Or worse, into your pool? 

Vacuum recovery pressure cleaning is the solution for smart operators. It makes for efficient, even cleaning, and is more environmentally friendly as the wastewater can be safely and selectively disposed of.  

Find out more about the benefits of vacuum recovery pressure cleaning to clean and restore your space.

Here’s a video of our vacuum recovery pressure washer bringing old pool paving back to life. Note the wastewater being diverted away from the pool:

Safe, eco-friendly cleaning products

We use Australian-made ECOTotal cleaning products.  

Not all cleaning jobs require chemicals, but deeper cleaning or staining often will. In this case we will reach for environmentally friendly treatments and specialised chemicals to enhance the cleaning.  

Many operators take a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to cleaning products in favour of a quick turnaround. Mr Blastit assesses each job individually and uses appropriate equipment and chemicals to provide satisfying results that last.  

And, as with our vacuum recovery system; we know no one wants to have to sacrifice part of their garden to clean the pavement. Our team takes special care to use products and techniques that won’t have a negative impact on your greenery. 

High performance sealers

ProSeal is the go-to on most jobs. It has a wide range of applications and gives a great finish in most cases. ProSeal products are made from Australian sourced materials. They are manufactured in Queensland and distributed locally in WA.  

The Penetrating Water Based Sealer is our top seller and gives all-round great performance for driveways, pools, back patios and more.

Guard Industry provides our premium sealers (perfect for sealing natural stone like granite, marble and travertine). This product is manufactured in France.

Guard Industry sealers come with a 10-year quality guarantee (excluding WF Premium / wet look colour enhancing sealer). They also keep a sample from every batch they manufacture to monitor the quality and longevity.

Before and after picture of a wet look enhancing sealer with Guard Industries Protect Guard WF Premium

Industry-leading equipment & expertise

Unlike some weekend warriors who can be all gear, no idea, Mr Blastit’s got top-of-the-line equipment with technical knowledge and experience to match.  

Getting a beautiful result in your paved areas comes down to knowing the best systems to use in which situations, for a thorough and effective clean without any damage.  

We have a range of pressure cleaning units to deliver correct flow rates, temperatures, and pressures; we also have a range of pressure cleaning accessories to work across any surface. 

After the job is done, we can advise you how to best take care of your newly cleaned and sealed areas to increase longevity between cleans. If you’re not sure which sealer is best for your needs, we can help with that too! 

Regular professional cleaning and sealing of your outdoor surfaces can extend their lifespan and keep them looking new for years to come. It’s worth getting the experts in to do the task properly. 

Make Mr Blastit your go-to guy! If you’re looking to brighten up your home or business, contact us or request a free instant quote for your upcoming job.