Travertine Cleaning and Sealing Perth

Fast, professional cleaning and sealing of travertine tiles and pavers across the Perth metro. area, Mandurah and Pinjarra.

Used since Roman times, travertine is a highly durable stone material that elevates the look of any home. Travertine is formed in mineral springs (around hot springs, underground rivers, in limestone caves), and is different in appearance to both limestone and marble tiles, though all are technically a form of limestone.

Travertine pavers can last a lifetime if cared for properly. They’re a great choice in Perth for a diverse range of applications around your home’s interior and exterior:

  • Outdoor travertine pavers can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations better than other surfaces like concrete pavers.
  • The surface stays cool underfoot in hot weather.
  • Travertine tiles are naturally slip-resistant for use around swimming pools.
  • Their cooling and non-slip properties also make them an excellent choice for indoor areas.

Despite its strength and durability, travertine tiles are still a porous material. This means it is susceptible to damage if you are not careful with spills and everyday cleaning.

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Travertine tiles cleaned and sealed
We use premium sealants like ProtectGuard MG to protect your travetine surfaces for decades.

Is it a good idea to have travertine tiles sealed?

Yes. The easiest, most efficient way to avoid your travertine floor becoming stained or damaged is to periodically clean and seal the stone. It makes a noticeable difference to the longevity of your travertine flooring, keeping it in pristine condition for longer.

Travertine cleaning can remove stains and get rid of any build-up or grime while sealing with a high-quality, non-toxic sealer will make sure they are better protected against the elements – and any wayward drinks or other liquids that could otherwise penetrate the porous travertine surface and leave a permanent stain.

Why should a travertine floor be sealed?

Travertine flooring exists on a spectrum, where more holes in the stone material is generally regarded as being lower quality. Sealing regularly can also help if your travertine is naturally pitted, adding a protective barrier to help prevent this additional texture from filling with hard-to-shift dirt or debris over time.

Travertine is particularly vulnerable to acids on contact due to its high content of calcium carbonate. This includes wine, fruit juice, soft drinks – all the things that are lovely to enjoy on your travertine patio. Spilling these on unsealed or poorly sealed travertine surfaces can instantly etch the tiles.

If travertine is not sealed, it can also end up with a whitish coating over time. This is due to water getting into the porous natural stone and then evaporating, bringing salts within the block to the surface.

A deep penetrating sealer can help to keep the natural look you want and protect against these potential damages.

How do you clean and seal travertine?

The most reliable way to clean and seal travertine is to let experienced technicians handle the process.

There are plenty of DIY recipes for cleaning travertine online, but many of these are not ideal for the longevity of the material. Using professional services can save you a lot of heartache (and money on replacing irreparably damaged travertine pavers).

Avoid acids when cleaning travertine

Do not use any acidic cleaning products like vinegar on your travertine floors – both for indoor or outdoor settings. Travertine is highly reactive with acids.

Only use travertine-specific cleaning products for home cleaning between regular maintenance. An appropriate cleaning solution will be pH neutral so as not to damage your travertine flooring.

Cleaning loose debris by gently sweeping the entire surface with a bristle broom is also great for everyday travertine cleaning.

Mr Blastit’s approach: Professionally Cleaning and Sealing Travertine

Mr Blastit can clean and seal your travertine in both indoor tile and outdoor paver areas, keeping your home (or at least your floors) looking brand new.

Interior and exterior travertine cleaning and sealing

Our operators can clean your indoor and outdoor travertine with ease, using non-toxic products that are safe around your home and your family. Whether you need indoor travertine floor tile or backyard pavers serviced, Mr Blastit gets the job done right the first time.

High-pressure cleaning services

The best way to deeply clean a travertine surface, especially if it is heavily soiled from outdoor settings, is with high-pressure cleaning. This not only removes dirt and stains but also old sealer.

We use a vacuum recovery system that cleans with even pressure and doesn’t leave the resulting dirty water all over the place.

The system sucks up the grimy water while cleaning so it can be disposed of discreetly – typically in the corner of the garden, where it won’t flow into any pools or already cleaned areas.

Have a natural stone surface other than travertine? See our Natural Stone Cleaning and Sealing service page.

Using the best products for sealing travertine tiles

Using the appropriate sealer is crucial. Penetrating sealers are important for a porous surface like travertine flooring, which has a natural variation in texture. This texture can be a magnet for mould, grime and dirt (especially in damp or wet areas).

Mr Blastit uses water-based or solvent-based sealing products, dependent on the desired finish. High gloss may be better for indoors, for example, whereas outdoor areas tend to need more non-slip finishes.

Solvent-based sealers are typically best for dense natural stone like travertine. Our team will select the best sealant for your desired look, specific use, and the type of travertine tile you have installed.

The sealing process

Mr Blastit’s sealing service is efficient so you can get on with life as usual.

The surface of the travertine floor must be completely dry before we can seal it. If the weather cooperates, this can be a very quick turnaround. Depending on the circumstances we may be able to do same-day pressure cleaning and sealing on your travertine surfaces.

If it takes more than one day, rest assured we will still have your service done to a high standard as quickly as possible. We communicate openly with our clients so you know what is going on at all times.

While the sealer is drying (initial cure) it should not be walked on for 24 hours. Full curing can take up to 72 hours, and you should avoid having heavy traffic over the area in this timeframe (furniture trolleys etc) to be safe.

Find out more about caring for sealed surfaces with our handy tips.

How often should travertine be sealed?

After your travertine tiles are initially installed and sealed, you should seal them every one to three years depending on usage, cleaning frequency and foot traffic. 

For patios, poolsides and other outdoor travertine tiling, it is likely you will need to reseal more often. Perth’s harsh conditions can take a toll on even the most premium of sealer finishes. Our operators will advise you on the life expectancy for the sealer used on your stone surface.

The most important maintenance you can do between this periodic sealing over the life of your travertine floor is to keep things clean.

  • Use appropriate natural stone cleaners, avoiding any caustic solutions, acids and alkalis, or abrasive products/cleaning tools.
  • Clean any spills immediately before they can etch or stain the stone.
  • Don’t use wax if the shine on your tile surfaces has dulled between sealings; this can make the surface very slippery and dangerous.
  • Place floor mats or rugs under furniture to avoid scratching over time.

Costs to clean and seal your travertine tiles and pavers

How much it costs to clean and seal travertine surfaces depends on a few factors. You can get an indication of your costs by using our online price estimate tool, or get an accurate quote by contacting our team.

Mr Blastit will effectively clean and seal your surfaces

Travertine is a very stylish material and can add old-world character to any home. Our experienced technicians can help you keep your surface looking great for longer, with an aesthetically attractive finish thanks to our premium sealer products.

Mr Blastit is based north of Perth and covers the Perth metro area, including Mandurah and Pinjarra. If you’re looking to get your travertine tiles looking tip-top again, give Mr Blastit a call today on 0419 350 332.