Roof Cleaning Perth

Mr Blastit offers high pressure metal and tile roof cleaning across Perth, Western Australia.

When finding targets for cleaning, homeowners often overlook the roof. However, the topmost part of the house is one of the most important areas to clean. Yes, a dirt and dust-free roof can improve your home’s appearance, but it can also increase the longevity of the structure and save you from common problems like mould and moss growth on roof tiles, gutters and ridge capping.

Before and after – roof cleaning service to remove insightly lichen, moss and grime.

Why Roof Pressure Cleaning?

There are a number of reasons to clean your roof:

  • One of the main motivations is to prevent mould, moss, and lichen from thriving. Perth’s climate is attractive to these unwanted substances – look out at your neighbours roof tiles right now – I bet they’re covered in the stuff! This can cause damage over time, clogging water channels, creating leaks and compromising the roof structure.
  • If you’re considering a full roof restoration, pressure cleaning is an essential first step.
  • A moss and fungus-free roof is better at shedding water during Perth’s winter rains. Even if these unwanted growths don’t create leaks, they will absorb water, create conditions for rot, and attract pests like birds, rodents, and insects.
  • Roofs expand in hot weather and contract during the cooler seasons. Mould growths, dust, and dirt get under roofing materials as they expand, but regular cleanings can reduce this problem, increase its longevity and lower maintenance.
  • Clean roofs are better at reflecting sunlight. Perth is well known for its hot, dry summers, and reflective roofing can reduce the amount of heat entering your home. In turn, this reflection helps lower your air conditioning costs.
  • A clean roof will increase your home’s curb appeal. Whether you are selling or simply care about your home’s appearance and want to protect your investment, a good pressure washing can remove debris and dirt and give the roof a clean, like-new appearance. On the other hand, roof problems like water damage and moss growth can reduce the value and potential sale price of a home.

Meanwhile, gutters also attract moss, lichen, and mould. If they get clogged with debris, the resulting standing water can spur growth and cause water damage. This moisture and wet debris can attract pests as well. We provide gutter cleaning at the same time as we clean your roof.

Why Hire Professional Gutter and Roof Cleaning Services?

Why would you hire a professional like Mr Blastit instead of attempting the job on your own?

  • The first reason to hire a professional roof cleaner in Perth is safety. Roof work can be dangerous because it involves climbing ladders, walking on sloped surfaces, and working with powerful equipment. Professionals have the training and equipment to work safely at heights, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. They also have insurance, which protects against damage during the cleaning process.
  • Mr Blastit is experienced in power washing roofs and cleaning gutters. We understand how to clean different materials and gutter systems, so we can get the job done thoroughly using specialised equipment without causing damage.
  • Proper disposal of debris is another consideration. We can dispose of waste, moss, lichen, and other unwanted materials and ensure they do not clog your gutters or sit on your property, attracting pests and releasing bad odours next to your home.
  • An expert can do the job right, extending the period of time between cleanings.  

For these reasons, professional roof cleaning is worth the investment and preferable to the do-it-yourself approach. 

Why is Mr Blastit Different to any other Perth Roof Cleaning Company?

We’re a family owned and operated business, experienced will all roofing material, and we’ll treat your property like it’s our own.

Many roof cleaning services rely on cold water. We take a different approach by relying on hot water, generated by a diesel burner, to provide a more thorough clean. Our technicians have the experience to adjust flow rates, temperature, and pressure to ensure all dirt gets removed without damaging the roof.

Cleaning agents can also be vital to the cleaning process. Our team has the knowledge to select the right mixture of disinfectants and surfactants to remove unwanted substances like mould or lichen. This step is extremely important because the spores of fungi often remain even if the substances themselves are no longer visible. You want your roof completely clean and looking like new.

While getting your roof cleaned, you can also take advantage of our other services. These include power washing building exteriors to remove grime and dirt. We also offer same-day cleaning and sealing of driveways, pavers, limestone walls, exposed aggregate and more.

Contact Mr Blastit for Roof Cleaning in Perth

If you want to ensure your roof is clean and free of damage-causing detritus, reach out to Mr Blastit. We serve the Perth metro, including Mandurah and Pinjarra. We’re trusted by real estate agents and commercial businesses, too, so you’re in great hands.

You can call or email us to book a free quote or ask us about our roof cleaning process on 0419 350 332.

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