What sealer should I use?

 What sealer should I use?

what sealer should I chooseKnowing what pavement sealing option to choose can be mind boggling and the most common question we get asked is "what is the best pavement sealing option for me?" There are many different brands, as well as many different types.  Factors such as the material your pavement is mainly comprised of, how porous it is, where it is located and most importantly, what the area is used for, play a big part in the decision process.

The most common types of sealer Mr Blastit recommends and uses to seal pavement are a penetrating water based sealer and a wet look solvent based sealer.

No matter what sealer you choose, the key to getting a good life out of your sealer taking the time to ensure the pavement is thoroughly cleaned prior to application.  The majority of sealers need the pavement to be totally dry prior to the sealer being applied.  However, the water based sealer used by Mr Blastit must be applied to wet pavement.  In fact, the wetter the pavement is, the better it is for the sealer to penetrate and bond with the surface.  This factor makes this water based sealer a great option for sealing pavement during the wetter months of the year.

It is also important to clean your pavement regularly.   The build up of wet leaves and plant debris or oil stains will, over time, stain not only the sealer but also the pavement below.  It is important to clean a stain off your sealed pavement as soon as you notice it.

Penetrating Water Based Sealer

The Penetrating Water Based Sealer is a great all round sealer, suitable for driveways, around pools and back patios too. It is a newly formulated sealer which uses nano-technology and organic polymers.  It is a great option for liquid limestone, brick & clay pavers, concrete & fremantle stone pavers and even exposed aggregate, granite & travertine.

penetrating water based pavement sealerHere are some of its features which make it a TOP SELLER:

  • it's environmentally friendly.
  • it's resistant to hot tyre marks, motor oil & grease.
  • it protects against most chemicals.
  • it has a low odour and a non-offensive smell.
  • Commercial grade.
  • it penetrates deep into the pavement and gives some level of protection for up to 10 years (however it is recommended to re-seal every 3-5 years to give optimum protection).
  • it's perfect for around pools as its doesn't make the surface slippery, and protects the pavers from pool salts and chemicals while still allowing the pavers to breathe.
  • it's suitable for all types of pavement: concrete, exposed aggregate, brick & clay pavers, liquid limestone, granite, fremantle stone, travertine etc.
  • Same day application: is applied directly after pressure cleaning to wet pavement (rather than having to return a day or so later once the pavement is dry, thus minimising the disruption to you).
  • Australian made.
  • Cost effective option.



Solvent Based Sealer

Solvent based sealers are also known as Acrylic sealers or Wet Look sealers.  They give a 'Wet Look' to your pavement, enhance the colour of the pavers and come in a Satin or Gloss finish.   They are the perfect finish for exposed aggregate and granite pavement, bringing out both its depth and its colour.

These sealers are also available in a number of different coloured tints if you wish to give your outdoor areas a whole new look!  There is also a penetrating solvent based sealer which is great for around swimming pools and other outdoor areas which could get slippery when wet.

The surface must be very clean and dry before a solvent based sealer is applied to ensure the sealer doesn't peel off or go cloudy.   As a result a job where the Wet Look sealer is applied may take a number of days, depending on the weather.

gloss wet look solvent based sealer

Other Sealer Options

There are other many other sealer options available.  There is your basic water based sealer, your wet look water based sealer, your tinted solvent based sealers, your solvent based penetrating sealer, a high quality stain repel sealer, sealer for limestone walls & blocks and the list goes on.

If you are unsure of the best option for you give Mr Blastit a call and we will gladly advise you which sealer option we believe would be the best for your pavement.

Please call James on 0419 350 332 if you have any queries or questions.