Natural Stone Cleaning and Sealing Perth

Fast, professional cleaning and sealing for all indoor and outdoor natural stone types across the Perth metropolitan area including Mandurah and Pinjarra

Mr Blastit professionally cleans and seals all kinds of interior and exterior natural stone surfaces including:

  • Travertine
  • Marble
  • Bluestone
  • Granite
  • Sandstone
  • Limestone
  • Terrazzo

Our Perth-based team gets your job done right and quickly. Whether your space is a dining room, entry, patio, poolside, or even commercial, we can help.

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Travertine pavers treated with our Protect Guard MG premium wet-look sealant to protect them for years.

Treating stone surfaces with sustainable, trustworthy products

Mr Blastit uses eco-friendly practices and the best products for cleaning and natural stone sealing from trusted, local Australian suppliers.

Cleaning Natural Stone Externally

Using our high-pressure cleaning system (pressure adjusted to suit your different stone) and hot or cold water, we blast away stains and built-up dirt from stone surfaces. Where required, we will also use Australian-made, environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions.

Our pressure cleaner uses a vacuum recovery system, reducing the mess and making sure all the runoff can be safely disposed of somewhere with less foot traffic at the end – usually, a corner of the garden, as the solution will not harm your grass or plants.

Sealing Natural Stone

We use water-based and solvent-based penetrating stone sealing products to enhance and maintain the look of your natural stone areas. Protection from stains and weathering is your best defence to keep your tile looking as it should, so the quality of the sealer matters.

Mr Blastit uses:

  • ProtectGuard WF Premium Wet Finish (for a wet look, colour-enhancing sealing effect)
  • ProtectGuard MG
  • Pro Seal 898

For more information on the importance of sealant, processes, and how to maintain that freshly-cleaned look for longer, read our guide to Caring for Sealed Surfaces.

Granite pavers cleaned and sealed
Sealing your new natural stone tiles like granite as soon as they are laid guarantees years of enjoyment.

Why cleaning natural stone is so important

High-pressure cleaning and sealing is a safe way to keep the natural patina on your stone pavers looking as it should. Protect your stone surface for future enjoyment.

Based in Perth, Mr Blastit can get the job done quickly and properly, so you can get on with using your indoor and outdoor space as intended.

Complete protection for natural stone surfaces

There’s a reason you chose natural stone materials for your tiles or pavers. Different kinds have distinctive looks.

Travertine, for example, has beautiful veins and tones developed over time to add a stunning organic feel to your space. Marble offers a sleek, luxurious quality to indoor and outdoor surfaces. Granite has a timeless appeal for tiles, offering unique patterning and durability against the elements.

Why risk losing what you love by neglecting the proper maintenance?

Natural stone is beautiful, durable and long-lasting… but not indestructible. The best way to protect your investment in natural stone is to keep it clean and seal it against the elements.

You can find myriad DIY suggestions online, but we recommend bringing in a professional in the first instance. You can easily, and irreversibly, damage your natural stone surface if you use the wrong method or product – do it once and do it right!

Cost of cleaning and sealing natural stone

Regular cleaning and resealing will always be cheaper than replacing a stone surface that has degraded beyond repair.

We quote for the job you need – contact us today to secure a free in-person quote, or, you can estimate the cost of your quality service using our Price Estimate tool.

Note: Our Price Estimate tool shows an indication only based on service, area size, and whether any stain removal is required. For an accurate quote on your specific natural stone set-up, contact us directly.

Next steps: How our process works

  1. One of our operators will visit your property, providing you with an accurate and comprehensive quote for the service.
  2. We book you in for the service.
  3. Day of, we clean and seal your natural stone – if you opt for a water-based sealer, this can be done as a same day service (weather permitting). If you have opted for a solvent-based sealer, we will return the next day to apply.

Mr Blastit operates in residential or commercial areas; cleaning natural stone tiles, man-made stone and concrete floors to protect your investment and make your surface clean and safe again.