Graffiti Removal Service in Perth

Mr Blastit has extensive experience in graffiti removal and in restoring surfaces or physical objects that have been vandalised by graffiti to ‘as new’ condition.  We also provide a graffiti management service where we not only apply an anti-graffiti sealer but will remove graffiti and re-apply the sealer to ensure the surface stays protected at all times.



Mr Blastit regularly removes:

☑ Spray Paint     ☑ Paint     ☑ Crayon     ☑ Permanent Marker

Our company utilises specialty chemicals, and equipment to quickly and effectively remove graffiti from most surfaces.  With formal qualifications in chemical engineering, we have expert knowledge, not only of different surface materials, but also the chemical properties of paint and other materials commonly used for graffiti and how to dissolve and remove these from almost any surface with minimal to no damage to the underlying surfaces.

Surfaces we remove graffiti from:

☑  Brick & Limestone Walls    ☑ Houses     ☑ Footpaths     ☑ Commercial Buildings

☑ Garage Doors     ☑ Feature Stonework     ☑ Windows     ☑ Signs

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before and after graffiti

Need a Graffiti Removal Service?

Graffiti has grown to the extent that some council have created and set aside special wall surfaces where people can create and apply graffiti legally. However, private and communal properties in general are protected by law.

Today, graffiti is applied to a large range of different surfaces. These may include concrete or plastered walls or fences, stone structures, masonry, tarmac, asphalt based road surfaces, metal and steel fencing or panels. Objects like lamp posts and public transport vehicles like train carriages parked in rail yards are also targeted.

Graffiti ‘artists’ typically use aerosol paint sprays, felt pens, or even wax crayons. Unfortunately, the graffiti is far easier to apply than to remove.

Factors which determine the difficulty in removing graffiti include the properties of the surface material itself, and the length of time the graffiti has existed on a surface. Untreated and porous surfaces like concrete, sandstone, marble, and brick are the most difficult surfaces to restore.

If your property has been vandalised with graffiti, you should get it removed as soon as possible. Most paints are easier to dissolve with solvents inside the first 72 hours after they have been applied. Further, most ‘artists’ want their work to be seen so prompt removal will deny them their perceived glory and they will be less likely to target you again.  Don’t waste any time, contact us today.  Being quick, clean & efficient, you can be assured of getting a professional job done by Mr Blastit.

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Our process to remove graffiti paint

Graffiti removed from anti graffiti sacrificial coatinggraffiti over sacrificial coatingOur company provides a professional and efficient graffiti removal service to the Perth metropolitan and surrounding areas. Before removing the graffiti, we carefully inspect and spot test the underlying surfaces to determine the best method for removing the graffiti without damaging your property or harming the environment. Our processes include:

The use of a pressure washer to physically remove the graffiti from the vandalized surface.

The use of steam to soften paints and thereby aid in their removal.

Removal with the use of one of a number of specially formulated chemical products. Different products are required for different types of paint and different material surfaces.

Finally, once the graffiti has been removed, we can apply an anti-graffiti coating to the surface. It may not deter a determined graffiti artist but it will make the removal process a lot easier.

Application of Anti-Graffiti Sealer

anti-graffiti-coating-on-bare-brickTo protect your property from lasting damage by graffiti, Mr Blastit recommends you have a anti-graffiti sealer applied to your walls & other surfaces which are commonly targeted by graffiti vandals.  Most anti-graffiti sealers on the marker are non-sacrificial, which means, once applied they are virtually impossible to remove. The problem with these types of coatings, is that over time they fail and turn the surface a white, milky colour (as pictured on right).

The anti-graffiti coating that Mr Blastit applies is a sacrificial sealer which doesn’t change the appearance of the surface while giving it a high level of protection.   If the coated area is vandalised with graffiti, we remove the graffiti by removing the sealer itself from the surface.  In most cases this can be done with hot water pressure cleaning alone, or with some chemical treatment and cold water pressure cleaning.  Once all the graffiti has been easily removed, Mr Blastit than reapplies the anti-graffiti sealer to the affected area, ensure it remains protected.

For more information about our anti-graffiti sealer & management service click here.

With expert chemical knowledge, industrial scale equipment, and professional and dedicated personnel our company is well equipped to offer the best available solution in removing and restoring surfaces defaced by graffiti. Be sure to give us a call, or send an email for any enquiries or to make a booking.

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