Oil, Bore and Other Stain Removal in Perth

Mr Blastit also provides an acid wash, stain treatment & graffiti removal service to both residential & commercial properties throughout the Perth metro area.

While many pressure cleaning companies will acid wash your driveway or pavement in a jiffy, they don’t always realise that acid can potentially ruin the pavers and won’t remove all types of stains. With years of experience, Mr Blastit has the knowledge to ensure the correct course of treatment is carried out and will do his best to remove the offending stain. However, the longer the stain has been there the harder it is to remove, so if you spot a stain on your driveway or outdoor entertaining area contact Mr Blastit straight away!

Stains regularly treated by Mr Blastit:  

☑ bore stains     ☑ mould & algae     ☑ vanadium stains    ☑ rust & iron stains   ☑ oil & grease stains    

☑ moss     tannin stains    ☑ vanadium stains     ☑ efflorescence   ☑ stubborn grime stains     

☑ vomit stains     ☑ rubber    ☑ acid stains     ☑ timber stains      ☑ bitumen stains    

 ☑ burnouts    ☑ graffiti     ☑ paint    ☑ crayon stains


Click here for more information on Mr Blastit’s Graffiti Removal Service

Call Mr Blastit on 0419 350 332 or email us if you have any questions about a stain you need removed.

[* Please note that Mr Blastit cannot guarantee complete removal of every stain.  We will, however, ensure the optimal treatment is utilised and will do his best to remove as much of the stain as is possible.  Unfortunately, the nature of oil/grease stains is that a ghost stain may reappear a few days after the pressure cleaning & oil stain treatment has been carried out.  Using chemical agents we can remove the oil from the surface and draw out that which is just below the surface, but if the oil stain is old and has penetrated deep into the pavement it is impossible to remove all of the oil that has soaked into the pavement.]